Saturday, October 4, 2008

Leaving a Legacy

This could be the beginning of the end. I like to tell people about a passage in Heller's book Catch-22 where an old Italian man says to an American soldier what makes you think America will be great forever. He's commenting on how the Roman Empire fell...and all great "empires" fall.

I think America is heading down for that fall. If we do not get some fiscal responsibility in government we will be there sooner than you think. We already spend way more than we take in and yesterday we just added a potential $700B additional burden to our treasury. When will it stop. Why can't government leaders make hard choices and say we have to balance the books? The pundits all talk about greed and banks making shaky loans and people buying big mortgages that they cannot sustain. Where is the pointing at Elected officials and their greed? They make decisions to get re-elected not to benefit the people. Just look at the pork in the Bailout bill - that's all you need to see to understand my point. This bill that was sooooo important was ballooned to 400+ pages from it's original 3 to include waste that is beyond belief. Unfortunately both Pres candidates voted for it.

I hope you saw the interview with Bill O'Reilly and Barney Frank. I'm not a huge supporter of O'Reilly, but I loved his argument. Frank refused to take any blame for the situation. O'Reilly called him a COWARD. I agree. Someone needs to get in front of the podium and say "I made a mistake." Is that so hard?

OBTW - I plan to ask those next to me at the soccer game today how they feel about America's economy. I'll tell you if they have "fear in their voice."

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