Friday, October 31, 2008

Trick or Treat

Ahhhhhhh...I'm exhausted, Ted's exhausted and the kids just want to get spun up on more candy. Isn't Halloween grand?

We walked around the base this Halloween dressed as characters from Peter Pan.

Ted was Smee (once again, he had to don a pillow under his shirt)

Kristi was Peter Pan

Riley was Wendy

Mary Beth was Tinkerbell
Cory was Captain Hook
Lucy was Nana (by far the cutest!)

The fun started in our immediate circle with about 20 kids parading around in their costumes in anticipation of the 6:00 start time mandated by the base. Cruella DeVil was there with a dalamation, Darth Vader, a ninja, a punk rock star, a knight, a dinosaur, a road with matchbox cars, a zebra, a two were alike and they were all very cute. Acutally, I should amend that--Cory was not 'cute.' He was, after all, Captain Hook. When Riley told me earlier that he was 'adorable' he was very quick to inform us that he was NOT adorable. We won't tell him, but he was.

After the parade we waited for our friends from another part of the base to join us, and then we headed out. Trick or Treating on a military base is a magical experience for kids...there are a ton of houses in close proximity, a ton of kids, and a relatively safe environment.

One of the chaplains had the grill out in front of his house, and he and his wife were serving hot dogs and hot chocolate. Riley scored a full sized Snickers bar--I promptly confiscated that little piece of heaven. Lucy screamed bloody murder when I took her candy away for the evening--when you have 3 older siblings you learn about things so much earlier than the 1st and 2nd children do. Besides she's so darn cute (and we're so darn beat) that we hardly ever say no to her, therefore when we do, it's usually not received too well.

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