Sunday, January 4, 2009

Freedom Rink - All Skate

After a few days of sub-freezing weather the ice is as good as I hoped. There were many kids out there today enjoying Freedom Rink. I meant to get a picture while the crowd was big, but missed it. We had at least 8 kids and a few adults on/around the ice at one time. The girls now have figure skating competitions, Cory and I played Hockey, and some of the others just struggled to stay upright.

I've mentioned the deep end and shallow end. It's all frozen now, but the shallow end is the smooth end. The deep end is cratered and bumpy. The girls developed a pattern where they turned some tight corners into a small oval track. It looked like one of those speed skating contests where they jockey for position. I know it won't be long before the first major crash. We've had a few spills--mostly just bruised bottoms and pride. Mary Beth did draw first blood the other day--she fell and someone's skate caught her in the head. Oww. It's just a little cut, but I think she's happy to wear a helmet out there now. Kristi generally makes Cory wear one--he's the dare devil and the least coordinated on the ice. One of the other Dads asked me the rules...I thought for a moment then said "skate at your own risk!"

I need to zamboni. There are lots of scrapes, cuts, and pits that need repair. I was planning to use my water hoses and use a mist sprayer to lay a thin layer of water. That is until I realized my hoses are all frozen (from the flood I guess). I asked Kristi if I could use her carpet shampoo machine. She was not too happy with that idea. It is supposed to sleet/rain/snow. That may help add a new layer until I come up with a proper maintenance plan.

One of the unpleasant aspects so far has to do with the kids' inability to put on their skates by themselves. This on/off business stinks.

Back to work tomorrow - blech!

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