Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Odds and Ends

I walked outside to the rink the other day and found 4 boys playing hockey--it was perfect! Cory was the only one with skates on and he ended up on his backside a lot. But the boys were out there playing 2 on 2 hockey, and it was exactly what we had hoped would happen. So, I leave them to their fun to check on the girls sledding at another house. We had gone a few days since snow, so the snow we had left was ice covered, making for some fun sliding. When I returned to the boys I found them on the ice without their sticks. They were fighting. As I begin to tell them to stop, my brain registers what they're's hockey--they're having a fight! I told them they needed to stop, but they argue that the fight is a part of the game. Yeah, well not on my ice! :) Boys.

Back in December we mentioned that Mary Beth got her American Girl doll. Here is a picture of her and Mia. The American Girl store here wasn't nearly as fun as the store in Chicago, but it was a great afternoon, nonetheless. Mia was last year's Girl of the Year. This year is Chrissa--I think she's great--she has a crafting table and sewing machine!

Cory's Pirate birthday party was something else. Note to self--don't micromanage boys. Just let them play. When I let go of the planned activities and let them just play everything went swimmingly. Here is a picture of his cake. I did not make it...a sewing friend of mine offered to do it for me, and I was glad to take her up on that offer. It was a pretty neat cake, though!
Lucy found trouble to get in to today...namely one of Mary Beth's markers from Santa (we're going to need to talk with Santa about his gift ideas). It's now all over her pants, hand, face and toes. Oh, yeah, and the floor in the playroom and her stove. What is most frustrating about it is that she had gotten a bath already today, after getting sick during nap. My fresh, clean baby is no longer fresh and clean.

A weather report the other day showed that the average snowfall total for the Boston area is 13.4." Last year's snowfall totals were 27." Already this year we have had 32." I blame it on global warming.

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