Monday, January 19, 2009

Suicide Hill

After I cleaned off the last of the 12 inches of snow we received this weekend, I took the kids sledding. There is a great hill on base that has a long drop off and clearing at the bottom. For many years this hill has provided entertainment to military kids. It is affectionately known as Suicide Hill. The kids have begged us many times to go over and we've always said no. Today we made the trip. I went armed with 3 sleds and 3 kids. We also picked up another sled close by that allowed for the 4 of us to all ride down at once.

With today being a holiday many of the families on Freedom Circle also made the trek over to sled. It was a perfect day with powder fresh snow and bright sunny skies. We built a ramp/jump, tried many kinds of sleds and even convinced everyone on the hill to line up and lock arms for a gi-normous all sled down the hill (there were easily 20+ all in a line).

I think I may have had more fun than the kids. On one of the runs I decided to take some video. Sometimes avoiding the other sledders was quite a challenge.

Here's some pictures from my highly scientific snow measuring device (8 inches

Sat-Sun and then another 4 last night). Note the cutie in the window watching me in the second picture.

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