Friday, February 13, 2009

Chipotle Chick

We're very excited because a new Chipotle recently opened up nearby. Now, when I say "nearby," I really mean 20 minutes away, but in New England that's pretty darn close. Until a month ago, the other area Chipotle was 30 minutes away, and in an unfamiliar area, so we rarely went. The new one is right across the street from Target. Bonus. So, today while the three big kids were at school, and Ted had a day of leave, we had the pleasure of going to Chipotle with just the baby. We ordered a couple of bowls for us(Veggie for me, Carnitas for Ted) and had them make a cheese quesadilla for Lucy, plus the all-important chips and salsa.

Now, for those of you who haven't (gasp) had the pleasure of eating at a Chipotle, one thing I might mention is that their food has a bit of a bite to it. So, you can imagine my concern when Lucy decided that she would rather have Ted's spicy carnitas bowl than her mild quesadilla.

Now, in fairness, the carnitas are their mildest meat, but Ted also adds one of their spicier salsas, so it's still a little warm.

And then she wanted some salsa--but not with the chip. She would motion for Ted to put some of the chunks on her chip, then she'd eat the salsa off the chip, hand the empty chip back to Ted and motion for more.

She owns us. It wasn't long before she was drinking our beverage, too. Obviously she's the spoiled rotten fourth kid.

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