Tuesday, February 24, 2009

We're All Just Ducky

A few weeks ago our 3 oldest kids took part in our library's annual Duck Days. Participants use a yellow rubber ducky and transform it into a book character. Of course, they are then displayed and voted on with winners declared in each of the various categories. Here are our entries. Can you tell which character each duck represents?

They did it, for the most part, by themselves, using model magic and paint to create their masterducks. Mary Beth needed a little help with the hair on her character--she doesn't have braiding down yet--but she did use Aunt Amanda's yarn doll technique to get the yarn ready for me to braid.

Then came the tough/fun part. Only one of our kids' ducks was declared a winner. That child received a prize. Luckily, the prize was a book, Eric Carle's "10 Little Rubber Ducks," so we could all share it, but it still cut to the core of the other two, who were now, if not winners, 'losers.' This same scenario played out the other day when the 3 oldest kids were staging a dog show (Westminster had its influence) in our living room with their stuffed animals. They asked Ted to be the judge and to declare Best in Show. They were proudly standing with their dogs each eagerly anticipating being named champion. Ted announced the winner who beamed with joy. The other two? They started crying and screaming and declaring that it was no fair!!! What to do, what to do. My solution? Quick! Run to the play room and whip up two more awards--Best Toy Dog and Best Large Breed Dog. That seemed to pacify them. The Duck award was just one of those life lessons everyone has to learn. We won't always win awards, but we can enjoy each other's wins, and we can take pride in a job well done. I mean, just look at those adorable ducks!

On a side note, one of Lucy's cutest words is her word for duck.

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