Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Trouble with Snow

The trouble with snow is that eventually this:

turns into this:

and requires this:

which really only lasts until you drive again because 50 degree weather causes all of the black snow to become a nasty slush that we drive in and track into the van all over again. Bleck.

The warmer temps also make this:

melt. :( (that's not a slick, smooth surface, but a layer of melted ice)

And possibly the saddest part of the heat wave (which, by the way, has us all in t-shirts walking around with an extra spring in our step) is that we all know it's all just a cruel tease, and we'll be cold and miserable again soon! It's a long, long winter. We'll just have to do our best to recognize that our glass is half full --we have a home and heat to protect us from the cruel elements, and on these unseasonably warm days, we get to have fun playing outside without having to wear a thousand layers.
The girls were making "slush." They were using snowball makers and buckets to transport snow to a hole for it to melt in...great--just what we need, more slush.

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