Saturday, February 21, 2009

STAY-cation #5 Everything was still. Absolutely still.

For those of you with young elementarty kids, the title may sound strangely familiar. It's the line in Mary Pope Osborne's Magic Tree House stories that follows Jack and Annie's whirlwind trips in their Magic Tree House. Tonight we were lucky enough to be able to go to Boston's Colonial Theater, to watch a production of Magic Tree House the Musical, largely based on the Christmas in Camelot story. We first learned of the opportunity from one of the Chick-Fil-A kids' meal toys, which was a CD of Pirates Past Noon with a teaser for the musical. Our kids instantly wanted to go to this, so I did my research and found when it would be in our area. How perfect that it fit in to our STAY-cation week...kind of the icing on the cake.

I took Riley, Mary Beth and Cory, and we also went with some friends--so 8 of us in all. After only getting a little lost on the way in to the city, we got to our seats in the theater with just a minute to spare--literally. I got up with some for a restroom stop, and on our way out the lights dimmed for the start of the show.

The show was fabulous. For being a production geared for kids (which you would expect and hope to remain more simplistic), I was impressed with its visual interest and creativity. At about the 3rd scene of the first act Cory asked me when it would be over--he wanted it to be a pirate story. Uhhhh...this could be a long show. But the scenes were well paced and the action picked up quite a bit, and Cory really started to enjoy himself. Especially when the knights showed up. The dragon fight really won him over. The girls really loved the Irish dancing in the show, and they danced their way through the Boston Common back to our van.

The show ended with Jack saying the famous line from the book..."Everything was still. Absolutely still." The best part of it was that you could hear all the kids (and some parents, too) saying the line with him.

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