Sunday, May 5, 2013


On our way home from our little jaunt down to the Amalfi Coast, we stopped in St. Francis' little town. It reminded us very much of another medieval town we were able to see in France.  Only I think this one had more churches!

Using our Rick Steves Audio Europe App, we took a walking tour through Assisi.  He pointed out some of the highlights left from the Roman period, including an amphitheater, pools for women to do the laundry and a water fountain still using the aqueduct system for providing water.

We walked down the narrow cobbled streets of the medieval village which was left remarkably in tact due to a plague that wiped most of the people out, leaving the city deserted for a very long time.

 The audio app even led us to a pizza stop after one of our church visits.

Looking out into the Umbrian hills from the town.

Rick Steves did not tell us about the carousel outside of St. Clare's church, but our children found it regardless, and for a few Euro we indulged them.  

Eventually our walk brought us to the Basilica di San Francesco.  

This turned out to be a fun way to break up the long day of driving--at least for the adults.  Once we got back in the car, the kids had their headphones back on and were watching more videos.  

They have such a lucky road trip life, but I don't know that the movies and the ipods are worth missing these views...

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