Thursday, May 2, 2013


I'm pretty sure I'm about to bore you to death with our day in Capri.  What a lovely day we had--perfect weather, friendly locals, more treasure...we really enjoyed this sun-filled day.

First Stop--cappuccinos and brioche
From here, we hired someone to take us in his boat halfway around the island.  The boat was named Sophia Loren

Cory got to take a turn at the helm

We went in and out of little grottos where the water was stunningly beautiful

The main attraction

Cory in control again

Cory checking out the water.

We made it to land where the kids began collecting pieces of sea glass

We took a taxi up from the beach to the town of Capri

Pretty cool taxi

Heading up to see a natural arch

Geocaching, leading us down many stairs 

Picture Perfect 

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