Wednesday, May 29, 2013


Here goes some more.  I told you some of the things we did on the ship, well, here are the pictues to go with it.
Lucy's lanyard with her sea pass--we were loving parents and bought them the soda pass for the week--so they all have a Coca-Cola sticker on their passes

On our way to breakfast--and wearing long pants for ice skating afterwards!  I'm not sure why Lucy doesn't have hers on--oh, now I remember.  Before we left she insisted she did NOT want to ice skate.  But sometime during breakfast she changed her mind.  Lucky for her, big sis Riley was willing to take her to the room to change clothes.


dinner--we loved the breads:  poppyseed rolls, sourdough buns, cheddar cheese rolls.  Keep them coming!

desserts were yummy, too.  At least I never passed one up.  

Breakfast--cereal and donuts for Lucy every morning!

Ahh--kicking back!

at the pool!

9 hole putt-putt

some light reading.  Ted finished one book.  Riley read 2, and Cory read a few pages...there was too much other fun for him!

Argh!  There are pirates on board!

The Kids' Club was one of the favorite places for our kids to be.

They just poured slime all over one of the counselors!  She was such a good sport!

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