Thursday, May 30, 2013


Our first stop was Messina, Sicily.  From here we hired a driver ( who could drive us around to a couple of things.  High on my list was Mt. Etna.  We had been unable to make it to Mt. Vesuvius during our April trip there, and I was eager to at least get to one of Italy's volanoes.

A quick walk around one of the craters, and a bunch of pictures.

And everyone got a rock to take with us, too.  Because Ted LOVES that we have rocks in our moving weight.  At least these are really lightweight.

Ted and Cory continued on another path to a second crater.


Lucy and Mary started with them, but turned back before reaching the top--Lucy commented that one of her memories of Mt. Etna was all the rocks in her shoes.

From there they could see the first crater we visited

and the cafe where Riley and I enjoyed refreshments.

And glad for this pretty day to visit!

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