Monday, May 27, 2013


A 7 Day Mediterranean Cruise out of Rome...  This is the life, I tell ya'.

During the course of the week we took over 2000 pictures and videos if you include the kids' cameras (mine alone was over 1800).  I will do my best not to put every. single. picture. on this blog--I promise.

We'll start by chronicling the ship itself:

The boat from the ports


Sicily (see the boat behind the church?)

Sicily (Mainland Italia is in the background)

 The beautiful sights inside the ship

Mosaics in the pool area

Art on every floor and down every hallway

A striking resemblance 
Art hanging from the main buffet seating

Hanging down the atrium

Bright colors

Sparkly stairwells

Glittering chandeliers
Life on the busy decks

Safety is always important!

Checking out the port in Turkey
Silliness abounds!
This towel creation was hanging from the ceiling

A cauliflower dog on the buffet line

Mirrors on the ceiling in the hallway

Looking out the windows at breakfast
 A room with a view

Our room faced out the front of the boat--this is as we are preparing to leave Sicily (the window view was awesome...but it needed a cleaning!)

Sunset from our window

Full moon from our window

We putt-putted (is that a word?), ice skated, swam, read, ate, shopped, ran, ate, napped, ate, air hockeyed, hot tubbed, ate, and had an all-in-all great time--and that was just on the ship!  The shore days were filled with their own wow factors...Sicily, Athens, Ephesus, Crete.  But I'm getting ahead of myself here--I'll save some of that for next time!

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