Saturday, January 19, 2008

Concrete Barriers

Everything here is surrounded by concrete barriers. The buildings, the roads...they are everywhere. at least on the bases. As you might expect military people with time on thier hands like to deface things. Some units have taken to painting them. Some paintings are very involved and actually neat to look at. Others are just covered in tag lines/names - not so much as grafiti as just hey let's all sign this big concrete block. There are many many barriers so no one really cares. I took a few pictures so you could see how they look. I found one with from Arkansas and I also found one from Massachussets. I think this comes from the Army mentality. The camp is much more temporary - dirt roads and all. The Air Force spends a lot more time making things permanent and probably would not look to kindly on someone painting thier nice concrete walls. I wanted to walk around and get some more pics today...but we had to pack up and move again. We left the army camp and are back at an Air Force base waiting to move again. Whow knows when we will get to our final destination. As far as we know our clock started (on the required 179 days) so we are just trying to go with the flow. I was able to work out before we left so at least I had some normalcy for the day. No longer than two nights in any one place so far. Oh yeah - the AF base we moved back to has Dr Pepper in cans in the DFAC. wahoo.

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