Friday, January 18, 2008

Kuwait and coffee

Life in kuwait is not bad. Granted I live in a tent and have a separate "shelter" for showering and the restroom, but It's not all bad. I have plenty of good food available (for free) there is ample shopping at the PX to buy whatever I want (ok...only non-alcoholic beer - but there is beer). The services really try hard to make life nice. They have generators everywhere to power this place. we must use a bajillion gallons of diesel to run these generators. Where are the bio-fuels when you need them hunh brad? Besides the Dining facility (or DFAC as it's called) there are many options to eat...KFC, Taco Bell, Pizza Inn, The Great Steak Company, Subway, and a few others...but the one that completely blows me away is Starbucks. The starbucks here looks just like any starbucks in the US. From the countertops, to the tiles on the floor. It is as if they just picked up one and moved to Kuwait. Another funny aspect is it appears as though this is one of the most protected buildings on the base. no posted guards, but the blast sheilds around it are quite large. Maybe it's a designated shelter. Too funny. I myself had to partake prior to training at 0530 one morning...oh BTW they are open 24 hrs. I heard another officer mention he was in there at 0300 and there was a line. If only Kirk could be here now. His advice as the item of choice to barter was Coffee...not so much anymore.

I appreciate all your prayers and support. Things are going well for me. We move north next week, but until then I just get to eat, sleep, work out, and have an occasional coffee. I pray God's gives you peace and rest and the power to do the tasks he puts before you today. (I went to Bible Study at the chapel last night - can you tell).

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