Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Tent life

We made it safe to Kuwait. Standard military travel. Hurry up and wait. the worst was the last leg we sat on some buses for a long long time (read 3 hours) waiting for the convoy to form up. uugh. Especially after you have been up for a full day crossing so many time zones.

so we make it to our Air Base and I got all my bags - yeah - but didn't get some bedding for a few hours. so I had a bunk...but couldn't get warm enough to sleep. eventually a blanket, a belly full of hot food (biscuits and gravy) and I was out for a few hours. I made a tactical decision to not bring a blanket (to keep bags as small as possible and easy to travel). We'll see how smart that one was.
tomorrow some more equipment issue and some training. final destination in a few days depending on airlift. Pic is of my 40 square feet. for a few nights.


kiackbldr said...

Looks a little like the quarters on M*A*S*H. Where's Hawkeye and the moonshine still?

5titanfans said...

I've heard it suggested that you should have just cuddled up with the laptop to get warm!