Sunday, January 27, 2008

Lazy Sunday

Greetings from Central Iraq. Today was a nice quiet Sunday. Since they still haven't figured out what to do with us we were given the day off. I think we are supposed to be grateful for that, but it's hard not to be frustrated with the whole scenario. Enough crying - back to my exciting life. The big event for me was Chapel. I trekked over to the chapel yesterday (you have to walk everywhere...since we are transient and not stationed here all we have are the bus routes and my two best buddies frick and frack (Left and Right - just so you know). Ok so I tromp over and find out they have some protestant services at 07** something (too early on my lazy sunday) and 0845 - still early but maybe, Catholic Mass at 1030 (another in my group leans that way so I make a mental note to tell him) and then I notice an 1830 Contemporary worship (won-ha! - that's my victory noise - pun intended - get it Camp Victory) perfect for me.

I spent the day sleeping, showering, and just general goofing off (that's farting around for you X) and then off to Chapel. Here's a Pic for your viewing pleasure. As with most buildings around here it was some sort of support building off the main palace grounds. I'm amazed at how much stuff the Chaplains are able to put together for a service. I realize that is their mission - to minister to us, and they get allotments for supplies/equipment/whatever, but the service is pretty much like any service back in the states. In fact I would say better. The two "contemporary" services I have been to here were both better than any "chapel" service I've attended at a base. Maybe that is becuase my walk with the Lord is stronger now, or maybe I just miss home - but that is not my point. My point is the projectors with screens, full band with drums, microphones and the whole shabang. I mean they have a nice setup. I know Camp Victory has been established for years, but the services here just don't miss a beat (oh the puns are flowing now). Can you imagine the deployment plan...pack uniforms, socks, helmet, body armor, oh yeah and get some 30 foot cords for the mic, put the amplifier in that case, and and pack these 2 guitars together. I mean don't they just need a bible? Don't get me wrong - I love the service, it's just interesting to me how the face of war is modern with both weapons and worship.

Ok so the music was wonderful - they played some Third Day songs (because they were just here at Camp V) and even the Pastor commented on how nice the concert was - GRRR. I'm sad I missed it. But anyway the pastor was from the Army and his unit/battalion/whatever is about to rotate out. He's been here for over a year. He's missed 2 Christmas with family, at least 1 b-day, anniversary, etc. That helps me to get perspective. My 6 months isn't soo bad compared to the standard Army 12-15 months.

There was a 10K road race scheduled today for those that like that kind of stuff - but it was canceled on account guessed it - the mud.

Late breaking update - I can't get the pics to upload. I'll add them on tomorrow morning if possible.

Someone has pointed out that sometimes I use the wrong word or spell certain words wrong. For that I apologize - I usually endeavor to have mostly correct writing. I'll blame it on my dial-up like connection and edits are not as easy as they could be.

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