Saturday, January 26, 2008

Living out of a bag

Ok the big news of the day...I'll be your Bagh-Daddy for another week. Apparently the boys down at Bucca are having a hard time getting the facilities set up for us. Yes there are already thousands of people at Bucca and yes it has been there for years, and yes we've known we were going there since early DEC, but no they don't have a place for us to set up shop in. The bosses here in the big city say we should stay here till they are ready for us there. So much for the urgency.

It's just my luck - probably my one trip to Baghdad in my life. I'm expecting the desert and sandy life and we visit in the rainy season and experience nothing but the mud. It rained again today. But I talked about all that yesterday. I know I'll get plenty of sand and dry at Bucca so I am trying to not be grumpy.
This picture is a classic example of life in the tent and the uses of the all powerful 550-cord. For those of you who don't know, 550 cord a small rope with an inner layer of woven strands. It is basically parachute cord. It's lightweight, strong, and part of every AF deployers must bring along kit. The guy next to me hung the cord with my expert knot assistance (that would be funny to you if you knew I have no idea about knots) and poof an instant dresser/closet/valet for our uniforms and such. There are also some towels hung in there somewhere. We don't have much in the tent besides cots and our stuff. Even without any kind of table or stands, it's pretty packed. If we were here much longer I think we would use 550 cord and start hanging sheets to mark off some rooms/space.
On a positive note - they fixed our other heater so our tent is back to normal temperature. Our tent is close to the showers - wahoo but not close to the fixed bathrooms so it's port-a-john living for the most part. Joy.
We toured the Theater Internment Facility (TIF) here in Baghdad today. It was a learning experience in many ways. The facility down south is about 10 times bigger. We got to see things on a smaller scale and get some more insight on how our boards will go. We didn't get to see an actual board as practice, but we learned a little more about them. Since we found out we'll be here for another week I put ina big bag of laundry (I know Gwyn I'm breaking the rule again...)
One last thing. I read in Stars and Stripes how a guy got a care package with the keys to a new Jeep Liberty in it. If you enjoy this blog and are so can send me keys to a new vehicle. It doesn't have to be a jeep liberty, but I would prefer a Titan truck with supercab if you are looking for suggestions.

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