Monday, January 21, 2008

The Push North

Ok we moved north...a little farther north than expected. We are in Baghdad. We were brought up here to get some training and insight into the detainee operations. It looks like we'll be here for a few days before going back south. They promise we'll be here for a week or so...and we said yeah we have heard that before. This time it was from the O-6 (Navy Capt) so I tend to believe it. Now if I can just find my real boss from my home base...he's deployed here somewhere. Not sure how much time we'll have outside of work. The other Theater Internment Facility is here and they want to show us that. The C-130 flight here was uneventful and uncomfortable. Body armor and bad netting seats don't make for a comfort ride. Have to pay for internet in the tents here...I pursued the week option. The ride in was interesting...clearly this place is run-down. Also the stark contrast in the "palace" area where Saddam lived and what we drove through to get here. For the most part the base living area seems a lot like the other places we have been so far. The good thing is we are close to the showers and the d-fac.

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