Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Court TV

Yesterday I was unable to post – I obviously don’t have to tell that to the faithful – so Today I’ll try to add two days worth. Since today was mostly a repeat of yesterday that shouldn’t be too hard.

Some of us traveled over to Camp Cropper and observed some boards. It was quite a learning experience. It was well worth our time just to see the process up close and personal. I can’t divulge any specifics, but it satisfied our curiosity about how real the boards are. When you see them up close and personal you see how difficult it must be to make some of the decisions. Some were clear cut, but others were full of gray areas.

I asked today for some sort of classification guide to help draw the line on what I can tell and what I cannot. Bottom line is there is not a guide. I’ll endeavor to search for an answer so I can get an official response on what I can discuss.
Here is a picture of the building where the task force I fall under is HQ. It’s the office we’ve operated out of while here and where I took that first Baghdad sunset picture. Nothing to really note other than this is the typical building look for those around the palace.

I’m sure I won’t be able to upload these pics until tomorrow, unless I am able to do it before breakfast tomorrow. Silly slow internet connection.

After the boards were over we had a Lt Commander drive us back (that’s the same rank O-4 as I am except in the Navy, for those not up on the military rank). He’s a funny, energetic kind of guy and showed us around a bit. He took us by the Iraqi Navy (also a pic that may not upload till later). I think they are planning to rebuild that part of the Nation’s defense. First stop the insurgents, then train police, then get power and water back, then rebuild the navy. I think I read that somewhere…or maybe that was in the port-a-john next to a CN quote.

We were able to see the Victory over America palace. I’m sure you can read on the internet about it, but the bottom line is it was not completed. It’s still in ruins.

Someone asked “is all of Iraq like this (run-down and scraggly)?” We said well this was the seat of power for the country – SH could pick anywhere in the country to live and this is where he picked. This is as good as it gets.

No word on our movement south. We feel like we are at least learning something by observing the boards at Cropper. We are leaning by watching and thinking how we would decide if put in the same situation. It’s kind of like watching court TV or Judge Judy or something. You get to see the “case” unfold and then you form in your mind the opinion as to how you would decide.

Comments response: Ok who is constant reader? My buddy has a small holster that is almost hidden under his shirt…and he says they always ask him where his weapon is. That is what alerted me to the sign. Same sign says no Photographs. And the Jackal…sorry I’m not going to get a pic of the critters in the dark – without some major luck.

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