Thursday, January 24, 2008

Cue Ball

You know God gave some people beautiful heads and the rest he covered in hair. Well for years I have been asking K to cut it all off. Now free from her tyranical rule (ok maybe that is exaggerated a little - but she is my normal barber you should know) I had it all shaved off. I expected the conversation to be difficult with the barber. You know they are all non-english speakers for the most part just brought in to do the tasks we don't do ourselves in the military. Anyway - I say take it all off and smile. He says, "Skeen?" I say yes all the way to the skin. And walla - you have the perfect head. Now how to keep up with it - I think I'll just let it grow back and see how long that takes. Oh yeah - then he rubbed it with alcohol (my shaved melon that is)...that was kind of an interesting sensation. The rest of the crew has taken turns touching...I can tell they are all jealous. It's kind of the consistency of a velcro tab, but with much shorter strands. Sadly when you compare the before and after pics you really can't tell the difference. It's much different to me anyway. Think of the money I'll save on shampoo. I may end up eating that savings with shavig the stubs...Back to the day - more of the same today. Some insight into the detainee ops and some experience on how to read the files...but no real work. That comes next week or so they say. I'm trying to keep a good attitude knowing the mind-numbing repetition of our jobs will soon be upon us. These carefree days where we are just waiting for them to get us in place will soon be over. But I am tired of living out of my bags.

Here's another picture of the palace I referenced the other day. The sun was out when I was walking by and I thought you would enjoy another picture. I don't know much of the history other than it is one of his many palaces. There are some fish in the lake. I saw them congregating by the main entrance when my friend showed me around the palace. He said guys come out and feed them.

We saw an armored 18-wheel truck today. The cab of the truck had been covered in armor like many of the HMMVs. It was very different, Oh the other big news of the day - SMALLPOX. I had to get that shot when I got here. I was able to delay not getting it back home becuase of the baby in the house. Here - no excuse. Let me just tell you it is an ugly thing. I had to trek back into the medical clinic today (a week or so after the initial shot) to have them "read" it. It's a gooy yucky mess. Yuck. I might try to watch a DVD movie tonight and break up the evening routine. I read in Stars and Stripes that some company has become very popular like netflix except they mail out games for systems like XBOX and Wii . They said a significant number of clients use APO boxes. The Army guys are all on 12-18month rotations. I can see how that would be worth spending your money on. Well enough of my ramblings. Until next time - c'ya

BTW - I added some of the pics on previous blogs since I had a decent connection today.

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Anonymous said...

Ted, the company that is "like" Netflix but sends out games is called Gamefly. A guy in my office uses it and says it's awesome. I'm headed to Boston next week (Mon-Wed). I called your house to touch base with Kristi. I thought I'd drop by to say hello and see her and the kids. No answer...are they out of town visiting family? I like the cue're my hero and I wish I could shave my head--if not for the ugly head I've got.