Thursday, January 31, 2008

The Flintstone Palace

Today we observed more boards. They continue to be interesting and a learning experience. We’ll be sitting on our own boards very soon so I look at them with a mentality as if I were making the decision and I try to think through how I would decide.

The other day on the sightseeing tour we visited the Flintstones Palace just next to the Victory over America Palace (remember the one not completed). It supposedly was some play area built for SH’s kids or nephews or something. It looks like a giant zoo area (with fake – rock structures) with lots of pathways and spaces for kids to run around. Now it is completely trashed – graffiti and rubble litter the area. Many of the structures are worn and broken through. We walked around and took some pictures for a few minutes. Then we moved on. You’ll note that these palaces have water around them. I wonder where this water comes from. I know SH put it here originally, but what about now – surely there is not enough rainfall to keep it “full” year-round?? Maybe they pump water in here??? I’m not sure. There are fish living in some of the lakes.

Wings Update: “Pops” the guy who is the “caller” for the wings bar. I think his name is pops because he has written that on his floppy paper hat he wears when serving. Well he must be a TEA reader. Today he called out “105 types of wings tonight…105 types of wings” and just as before there was quite a line for his station. It was very funny to me. Of course he still has the same number/types of wings he had before, but now it is advertised as 105. Sorry – it’s the small things in life that get me.

Weather: Some slight rain in the morning then in the afternoon it hailed. It cooled off after the front came through. Not enough moisture to awaken the mud monster – PRAISE GOD!! But enough to kind of make things tacky/sticky while walking around during the day.

We heard today that we plan to depart the big city on Monday. Of course we have heard that before – and we are all a little hesitant to get too excited. Now that we have seen the boards we are eager to get to our “job” and get to work.

Constant Reader – I saw three Jackals today. We were driving from Victory to Cropper. We rounded a corner and there in the middle of the road was a pack of three shaggy dog/wolf like creatures. I wanted to get my camera out and snap a shot - but they were gone in a flash.

I commented the other day that this was as pretty as it gets. I took a picture of some of the open areas we drive through as we go from camp to camp. Granted all this area is fenced and controlled so the general population does not traverse through here, but it still gives you some insight into what the indigenous vegetation would be like when left alone for a few years.

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constant reader said...

Well it's quite disappointing that you haven't been able to get even one picture of a Jackal. I'd like you to consider taking some food from the D-FAC, perhaps some wings from the humorous carnival caller, and using that as a lure. I'm sure the aroma from the hot bbq wings would pull in a hungry Jackal. Picture taking would be easy at that point. This activity would certainly be more entertaining than filing papers or stacking containers.

The children's play area is over the top. Absolutely makes one sick to think of all the $ blown on all those palaces and such. Meanwhile the rest of the area (and maybe country?) is in horrible shape.

Ok - keep the blog (with pics) coming. We, your constant readers, appreciate it.