Friday, February 1, 2008


Friday is Steak and Lobster night here in Baghdad. I don’t like my steak cooked in mass quantities so I avoid that but I love seafood! I had a big plate of fried shrimp, scallops and lobster tails. Work today was another day of filing. We helped the local office properly file mucho paperwork that has been sitting around for a while. It’s grunt work and it stinks, but they need it done and they are busy elsewhere and it gives us some (not so meaningful) work. I try to look at the positive and say I could be out digging a ditch or be somewhere with people shooting at me. It was nice outside so I tried to take advantage of that and volunteered to be one of the guys out helping to store the papers in some outside metal containers.

Since the weather was nice we walked back from lunch. One of the buildings along the way has this perfect balcony overlooking the lake. We’ve seen guys hitting golf balls into the lake and since it was nice as we walked by we made ourselves at home. Here’s a pic of my buddy Brandon teeing off into SH’s lake. I’m not much of a golfer (as many of you know) so I just watched…and took pictures. I’m not sure where they got the g-balls from. I’m guessing someone (ahem) borrowed them from a driving range or something. They had many boxes full of g-balls up there and quite an assortment of clubs. So we watched Brandon hit a few then went about our merry way back to filing. Ahhh the luxurious life in Baghdad.

Closed Captioning: Why don’t they use it more? It’s a great service all can enjoy. They have the giant screen TVs scattered around the D-FAC, but of course it’s loud in there and you can’t hear what is being said. Why don’t they just turn on CC? Then all could enjoy – only if they want to. I was especially frustrated today at lunch as the Simpsons were on. As many of you know I’m a big Simpsons guy and so I sat next to the TV so I could watch. It was the PIEMAN episode. I couldn’t hear the words but I basically got the gist of it.

I’m also including a pic of that silly unfinished palace I keep mentioning. I had forgotten to load it up yesterday so here it is for you to see. I think it was originally the Victory over Iran palace, but then changed to V over America – but then we kicked his tail and now it’s not so much a completed palace any more. There should also be a pic of me standing in front of the palace. This shot was taken from the Flintstones place across the lake. You guys can google the palaces and get more accurate info than I can make up and input with my slow internet.

Another picture of note is the tent. I’ve been taking pics of most of the tents. You can see this is the garden variety, but with sandbags. That’s the new aspect. Just in case a mortar or something goes off next to us we have some protection. The tent is in pretty bad shape, it’s kind of falling apart, but at least it is close to the shower. Wahoo.

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