Saturday, February 23, 2008

Son - we're gonna do this the Army way!

So I have this idea to start a Bible study amongst the board members. I found two other guys who would be interested and we discussed it and decided to make it happen. Where to meet? Well we found a room in the chapel annex. But to use it I need to schedule it. To schedule it I need paperwork and a sponsor? A what? After some digging I find out it's not that I want to use it for a specific reason it's that to use a "chapel" facility I need all this.

I'm kind of perturbed, but I understand the theory behind the overhead. I'll have to go back and huddle with the other guys to see if they still want to use that place or just use something else. The chapel encouraged me to use a study they already have set up instead of going on my own. I understand that but I also wanted to make this a unit thing so we could all become a little better friends. Oh well - just a quick stumble I am sure we'll get over.

For dinner tonight I went to this fabulous new rib shack. It was very good. They had a unique BBQ sauce/rub so I didn't need to drown it in my own sauce. I decided I would come back to that place. The meat was very tender and just fell off the bone. Oh and to top it all off - they had Dr P! Wahoo!

(BTW that was all a joke - it was just the DFAC, but the ribs were excellent.)

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