Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Wahoo! I recvd mail. It was the first package (ok well not exactly - K had sent some stuff before I got here, but we stopped that when I went on my tour of central Iraq - but once I got here she sent a package and it made it).

It rocked. It was full of cookies and pictures/valentines from the kids, and a few goodies.

Today more boards. You'll get tired of me saying that so I'll try to avoid too much discussions on that. Let me add that my case load is approx 20 per day. I could talk more in person but won't on the blog. You'll just have to come visit me when I get back.

I still want to show you some of the more humorous/different things around here. I need to remember to take my camera with me to breakfast so I can snap a pic. With a full day of boards and then case prep for the next day I get back just before dark. A quick trip to gym to work on the spare tire and then it is dark.

Funny note of the day. One guy claimed to be a shepherd. Mind you he lives in the capital city and doesn't really have the ability/land/resources to be a shepherd. But that was his story. I could barely keep a straight face.

Dinner - the TV's were back on wahoo! And they cleverly hid shrimp in the "chicken with noodles and cheese" dinner. It was good. unfortunately I did not get much of it. I also picked up a BBQ pork chop (I always get 2 entress becuase you never know what one is going to taste like).

So I was reading my 3 day old Stars and Stripes and read an article about some remote outpost that had many more Non US soldiers that US soldiers...the point of the story was to talk about how that is the rarity - most bases are full of US personnel. The funny part is they have some US army enlisted running the PX. His quote was something like. "This sucks! If I wanted to do this I could have stayed home and worked at Wal-Mart" You see - it is all perspective. You could have that guys job and sell tobacco and soap (thier main selling item according to the story) to your fellow soldiers or you could have my job. I'll take mine.

BTW the second level on the deck is coming along nicely.


5titanfans said...

You are definitely getting way too much shrimp my dear. I rarely make it at home, but it looks as though I might need to brush up on my shrimp cooking skills over the next 150ish days (not that I'm counting). Shrimp in the Chicken Noodle and Cheese dinner, huh? How do you think it would work in our bbq meatloaf?
**The Homefront**

constant reader said...

Pictures are worth a thousand words.