Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Baddest Boots on the Boulevard

This title is from a song by Toby Keith. It inspired me to go out and find the baddest bucca truck. Here's what I found:

Ok this isn't it..

Nor is this - but my little guy would love to have one of these...

This looks a little more rugged but still not the baddest.

Hmmm...can carry a lot but mostly just old.

This one is mean - but I think there are some tougher ones.

Ok this smells bad - but not a "bad" vehicle.

Now these look cool. Armor on the front and all.

Hey this one has a nice gun turret on top.

Now this one I could handle. I wonder if Gwyn considered the armored turret option when he was buying his Truck.

Now these guys are a close second...they are way cool. Guns, big tires, all the stuff.

And now the grand poobah - he was quite elusive. I had to search all over the FOB. I had seen him once before, but he's not out in the populated areas. In fact my first trip out he was no where to be seen, but then later in the day I corned the gaint beast. He's too loud and big to hide forever on this small place.

And the Baddest Bucca Truck is.........

The giant conex mover. You can't really get a good perspective on how gi-normous this thing is. The tires are as big as a person. It lifts these gaint metal conexes with this large claw. I took some video I'll try to load tomorrow. What man would not love to drive this thing.

I hope you enjoyed the vehicle tour...I mostly hope my son enjoyed it.


constant reader said...

Woohoo! Lots of pics of trucks and manly stuff = great post!

Although, I had hoped to see a Titan out there..... ;)

ps. sometimes I have to reload the page a time or two for all the pics to load - and that's on a fast connection. Nothing you can control I'm sure - probably the server connection or something.

Anonymous said...

One of the places I read/study overlooks a harbor area. I have spent many a study break watching this beast move around the containers like they are just little toys--stacking 'em 4 high, shuffling them around, whatever. Cool. The harbor here is small, too, and almost every boat has its own little crane--one more thing to distract me as I watch them load/unload. It's amazing I get anything done... -jj

5titanfans said...

your little guy loved the truck pictures!