Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Now where did I park that truck?

One of the first things people told me when we got here to help orient myself was look for either the tower or the...Wal-Mart Parking lot. WM Parking lot you say, how is that possible in Iraq. Well apparently the Iraqi's aren't like people from New England and don't mind a Wal Mart here and there. No actually there is no W-M but we do have a parking lot that is affectionately called the W-M Parking lot. I guess it is becuase the lot is usually full and has lots of pickup trucks. Not sure. But it was funny to me how it fits perfectly. Here are a few early morning picks to show you what it looks like.

There is very little variation in all the vehicles. There are both ford and chevys but they are all pretty much white with extended cabs. You have to remember what number your unit/office has on the plate to tell them apart. Most have a bench seat in the back to carry people as well. I've sertainly ridden in the back quite a few times and I've only been here a week or so.

No shepherds today. Did have some that were much more educated and spoke english. Always give those guys the benefit of the doubt, must be something psychological when they speak the same language to be more sympathetic. Today was like Christmas it seemed like everyone was getting a good vote.
In the recurring theme department tonight:
1. Dr Pepper back in the D-Fac WAHOO!!!
2. Shrimp (or Srimp depending on your pronunciation) as the standard Wed Surf and Turf entre.
3. Mail - again!! K sent me a second pair of running shoes I can ruin while I walk around all this sand gravel and such and keep my running shoes a little more in shape.
I saw a sign today for the Daytona 500. No we won't be doing laps around the W-M parking lot, but they do plan to show the race on the big screen at the new stage. Here's a teaser pic of the stage while still in construction. The sign said coolers and lawn chairs welcome. Ya know - there are rednecks everywhere...even in Iraq. Too bad no Budweiser or it would be just like being at the race. I guess to make up for it there will be plenty of smoking and dipping by the locals.

End of transmission.

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