Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The Two Sexiest Fat Men Alive

Sorry for the dry spell...I haven't had a chance to get to the computer and type out some words. Nothing new or funny. Same story - 20 boards a day. Oh yeah - I'm in charge now. There is a new "tasking" (remember the Task Force joke) well some of the permanent MNFRC guys have been pulled for a special project I like to call SUPER MNFRC. They do the same thing but different focus...some of the more SR majors were pulled so that left me at the top. Actually I'm only in charge becuase the lead MAJ is on R&R. I plan to make sweeping changes.
1. No more hats
2. Disband the band.
3. Close the O-club.

No - wait I can't do that. In fact I have no power as the guy in charge. I still just sit on my boards. Had an ex-IAF general come before the board today. It's amazing the cross section of society I get to see.

The title for today is a reference to the Rick and Bubba show (a syndicated radio show in the south I used to listen to when were in the South). I found a book titled the "Rick and Bubba Code" I was L-O-L last night while I read the first few chapters. If you know the show...they are really a funny couple of guys.

Bible study session 1 - tonight. we'll see how it goes.

"Oh - wait - is she a great big fat person?"
(trivia for the day - free pound of Iraqi sand to the person that names the Movie that quote is from)


5titanfans said... I miss Rick and Bubba.

Anonymous said...

Ted, you can listen to Rick and Bubba online if your bandwidth will support. There's a live feed from 0600-1000 CST. That would be like 1500-1900 at Bucca, right? Anyway, if you can't listen live, there are some great clips from the show on the website as well. I have no idea what move the quote is from....

Anonymous said...

Sand just makes Kristen miss the shore more, so I'll refrain from answering. Besides, I don't think it would be fair. Sometimes the kids even say it - although they have no idea why - but they do laugh anyhow! Do you have a paper clip chain/toilet paper roll/etc. to help you can't down the days in some depressing manner? Cheers, Jeffy

Anonymous said...

Buffalo Bill when asked about Frederika Bimmel in Silence of the Lambs. Do I really get some sand from Iraq?