Monday, February 11, 2008

Work - and for real this time

GRRRRR - I just spnet 20 min typing a daily blog and it was lost into space somewhere. GRRR

Ok quick recap.

Worked a full day for one. 11 hours. Cases most of the day and then review files for the next day. Another officer had to leave becuase one of her troops died. SOme of the officers on the boards are from units here in Iraq - not just random officers like me.

They are making the deck/stage bigger. Not sure why. I think they had more lumber left over and said - let's make it bigger. No Dr Pepper for 3rd day...trend item. I wonder if the new sherrif is running a tighter ship. Also no TV again in the DFAC. I can't be bombarded with political news stories now that they have turned off the TVs.

sorry for the short version of the blog.

Out (that's army talk for goodbye)


rooster said...

hi, your work sounds intriging, thanks for the steady update. Love MOM

uu2banO5 said...

Try drafting Blogs in MS Word and then cut and paste. That way you have a backup. I've learned that lesson the hard way (more than once).