Wednesday, February 27, 2008

You gotta know when to fold’em…

Hello Blog Readers. I’m starting to enjoy the steak and seafood night less and less. The food is the standard – OK fare, but more importantly the crowd is getting bigger. I think the FOB is growing in personnel so that’s one reason. Maybe I’m more surprised at how many people must eat the fast food and other options on the other nights to make it less crowded.

Standard day of boards and prep for the next day. The one thing of note was a New York Times reporter came out to watch. She watched another board (Chuck’s) and interviewed him a little. I told him he was going to be famous. The NYT is not my favorite fish-wrap so I was ok with not being selected for the “visitor”

That brings me to an interesting point. We get visitors a lot (DV types). They want to see the boards and we all understand that. The frustrating thing is those that schedule these visits seem to miss the point on when we have the boards so we have to schedule around them. Remember how I said I was in charge but had no power…yet another issue/aspect of the process I’m unable to control.

Had our first Bible study last night. It was good – all about authority. My Rick and Bubba Code book continues to be funny. Got a care package full of love from the wife and kids…that was awesome. The most important item included to you blog readers is a memory stick. Now I can draft the blog on my laptop and just transfer it in the internet café. That should help my post rate, length, (and maybe) the quality.

We are at the transfer point for the members of the board who are from the “corps” (the guys from bases and units all over the country who come and sit for a short period of time to help keep a fresh perspective on the boards). We’ll get a new crew of 10-20 guys tomorrow. I think I’ll be given the task of “training” them. Ahhh the power to influence the newbies.

Insight into deployed life: We don’t do our own laundry. They have some contract with KBR I guess where they pick our laundry and wash and bring it back within a few days. It’s a pretty good system I must admit. I go in – they inventory my stuff (you can chose the express line where there is no inventory just throw it all in a bag and hope it all comes back – but I never do – I go with the inventory line), they give you a copy of the inventory and then you come back in a few days and wallaa – clean clothes. I’m sure the mom’s out there are thinking hey, where can I get some of that? Well the funny thing to me is they always have some funny music playing in the shop. Today it was Kenny Rogers. Not sure if it was a Tape or CD or radio, but it was back to back old Kenny Rogers. Seemed like an odd selection for “Iraq” radio. And no it wasn’t the Gambler song.

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