Monday, February 18, 2008

Quips and Quotes

Today is Monday although I was convinced most of the day it was Tuesday. It is so impossible to keep up with the days. Everything is the same over and over.

So the other day Brandon and I were talking about how some of the guys (mainly the enlisted members) on our "jury pool" if you will are not so busy. Brandon mentioned isn't it funny that we work for a "Task" Force but they are not allowed to "re-task" us. The military is always full of those oxymoron like phrases. We both found that humorous. And then today I was commenting on the less than stellar vegatable offering of corn mixed with lima beans and Brandon mentions..."a few days ago I stopped eating for I just eat for sustenance" - he was dead serious. I was rolling.

Some of the guys who arrived before us and have been here a few months are going on the available R&R trip. The jury is out (pun intended) on this as to whether it really is a good deal. For them they were working pretty hard doing as many as 30 cases a day for a while 6 days a week. now that the rules have changed and members from the "field" are on the boards and we are just fill-ins the schedule is not so hectic. Anyway I can see how they would want a break, but more importantly we are not sure how much the hassle of traveling through to Qatar is worth it and how much is it worth it just to get to another open bay tent for a few days with not much more to do here than drink 3 beers a day. We'll see what ther report is when they get back.

I now have official email. I'm an idiot and didn't write it down, I'll try to get that in an official blog soon.

The Daytona 500 was a letdown. They did show Ricky Bobby on the big screen before hand so that was funny. But the race didn't start till after 10 - maybe 11 or later. I was done. It wasn't very warm either so I didn't stay up. But as expected there were some die hards out there in wrapped in Tony Stewart blankets and such.

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