Sunday, February 10, 2008

Water water everywhere and not a drop to...oh wait no...that's not it!

We are in the middle of the desert as you know and how they get all the clean water here for us is something I have no insight into. But I am certain it is someone's job to monitor water usage and to try and keep it to a minimum. One of the things that person has done is put up signs in the shower and bathroom trailers to encourage water conservation. The person has some sense of humor. Here's a sampling of the signs:

Uncle Sam wants YOU to conserve water

Only you can prevent water waste

Just say no to Hollywood showers

Challenge the Shower Princess

Combat Shower = Combat Power (Ok I made that one up - but there is one about combat showers but I thought my version was better)

And of course no bathroom signage in theater would be complete without...

CHUCK NORRIS isn't afraid to challenge someone about long showers. (Queue the drummer to play after the punch line...)

They are pretty funny. At least that person has a sense of humor.

Today was just a file review and prep day for me. Once again - approx 3-4 hours. Although I felt I was a little faster this time. Today is Sunday so that means chapel. I made it to the Contemporary service. It was small but nice (20 people?). They had a small worhip team of 3 guitarists and a quick sermon from a Navy Chaplain. Funny how the chapel is the most emotional time of the day/week/deployment for me. I guess that is becuase it is something I regularly do with the family. It just seems wrong to be singing praise songs without K next to me. I really miss her and the kids when I'm there. But at least I get fulfilled in another way by listening to God's word.
Speaking of God - maybe I was bragging too much about the Dr Pepper. They have been out for the last 2 days. AAAAHHHHHHH!!!! And then today at dinner no Pie. My buddy Brandon was depressed (he's the Pumpkin Pie lover). I may have to go on a hunger strike unitl the bring the sweet ambrosia back. Meatloaf was the entre of the day. As long as you coat it in enough BBQ sauce, it tasted almost like home.
Been trying to update my Netflix account. It's got an automated address checker somehow tied into the USPS directory associated with zip codes. And it doesn't like my APO address. I've asked K to call and see if they can over-ride that in the system. Weather has been pretty consistent. Another buddy is a long distance runner and runs marathons. He's kinda bummed cause you really can't run that far here before you hit a fence. And he hates treadmills. Oh well. lots of laps for him.
They just built a new stage/super large deck area in the main street section. I'll have to snag some pics for you guys. They were in a big rush to finish before some change of command ceremony. We weren't part of the C-O-C so I really don't know who was doing what, but it was funny to see the guys woorking late at night trying to finish by the deadline.

Potential subjects for future blogs: The Wal-Mart parking lot, What's a HESCO? Who decided the rest of the world should be on 220V? Movies and Copyright laws.

Ok - feel free to request and I'll try to think up something funny to go with each of them.

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5titanfans said...

Netflix--done! Look for a movie in your mail soon. :) --the home front