Sunday, February 24, 2008


Today's blog starts with a trivia question.

What is a "chicken"?

a. A dinner entre choice at the the Bucca D-Fac every night

b. The pear shaped Iraqi Correction Officer that man's the gate to our courthouse

c. The phrase to describe every person on my board today...

d. All of the above

If you guessed D you would be correct. Chicken is a standard fare and usually not in a dish I want (except for that yummy cheesy noodle one with srimp). It is also the name of the funny round shaped guy who helps man the gate to our courthouse area. Not sure why they call him that but if you saw him - you would say - that fits. I'll try to get a pic with Chicken. Not sure if he is ready for the internet. And one today seemed to have any backbone in thier story...maybe I should say boneless chicken. Grrrr. Every once in a while you want one guy to stand up and say - yeah that was me.

And now for something completely different. Here is a pic of one of the walls at Bucca. Maybe the most photographed piece of concrete on the FOB. Of course the James Bond title fits a little better...a free piece of Bucca Chicken to the first reader to name the title I just referred to.

I saw a guard the other day with a patch on his pack that said...when I die I'm going to Heaven becuase I've already been to Hell - Camp Bucca. Watched the first of my netflix movies last night. 300 - a good military movie. Now none of the Spartans would have come into court and denied everything. Of course they would be dead first - but still they would have been strong in their convictions (oohh - the pun - convictions - I crack myself up).

Some have asked - hey let me know what you need so I can send you a care package. I've decided to be very specific in my requests. Since I don't really need anything except stuff to kill the time with...I'll do my best to ask people for things that I want instead of saying - oh just send me some snacks. So far I have asked two buddies for books I want to read. We'll see how that works out. Speaking of books - anybody know a good book on Thermopolaye (sp?) - the battle that 300 was based on? I'd like to know more about that but I prefer not to have to read something that's 800 pages and drags on about the rise and fall of some ancient civilization.


Brandon said...

from russia with love... and NO I don't want any more bucca chicken, ive had enough!

kiackbldr said...

How about the highly accurate 19-page summary from Wikipedia?

Anonymous said...

Ted, try "The Gates of Fire" by Stephen Pressfield. Parts of it can read over and over again.
Your tall friend in Dayton.