Thursday, February 28, 2008


It's a red letter day. We all got our PODs - or containerized housing units (CHU). I've said before that the POD assignment system must be messed up and today proves it. All the board guys got pods even though some arrived before Christmas and I got in country mid JAN. Oh well at least it worked in my favor this time.

I'm now in a room with one other guy - my buddy Chuck. Spent the evening trying to get settled. I'll share some pics with you in the coming days. Not the best location nor the worst. Nice middle ground.

Had the cheese- steak from the "grill" tonight. Nothing like the original Philly. It was OK except when he said "everything?" and I agreed I didn't know it would have Jalapenos. I'm not much of a JP guy so my mouth was on fire after dinner. But it was a nice change of pace from the standard chicken fare.

Now I have a shopping list of things to get to decorate my new living quarters. All my techie buddies I need your help - look for a "tv tuner" that I can plug a cable (standard single tv cable) into one end and then plug into a USB port into the other. They sell them here at the PX but they are approx 80-100 I think. I'm guessing I can buy one cheaper on line. Search away for me. - please. That way I think I can plug in the Armed forces network TV into my laptop.

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Anonymous said...

newegg has 'em for about $60