Thursday, February 7, 2008

The Calm Before the Storm

Greetings. The schedule has me on my first board starting Saturday. Then I'm on for the next 6 days...and probably next 6 months.

Today I wanted to share some about my current living conditions. I took some pics of the tent we are in and of "my room" - it is kind of a mess, but there is no real need to straighten too much. It's all temporary anyway. Although it could be months before we get into metal housing units. I did make my bed for you. It's standard desert living. Even
with moderate temps it is hot in the day and cold at night. We've had the maintenance people out for three days in a row looking at the heat/cool system and they don't seem to know the problem or don't care. Ok so I have this one bunk bed. I sleep on bottom and kind of store my gear on top. This a large tent with 10-12 rooms like this one each with 4-5 bunk units in it. They are separated by thin wooden walls. I also have a "locker" pictured below. I actually have two. I bought the carpet you see to help make it a little more homey so I can put my feet down and not instantly be covered in dust/dirt.

Here is the outside. Note the lovely curb appeal of the bunker/shelter right outside the door. Perfect for those late night mortar attacks (none of those yet...but I'm sure one day they will come). Shower and Bathroom facilities are in a separate trailers just about 50-100 yards down the road. I'll get some picks of Downtown and the surrounding areas in the coming days so you can see the rest of my little town. No pics of the internment facility or the detainees - big no no.

The other thing I wanted to write about are my thoughts heading into Saturday. I am reading A Table in the Presence - by a former USMC Chaplain. It's about his journey with one of the first units across the Iraqi border in 2003. It is very interesting. The insight into the culture and the way things were like for the people here has been very enlightning. Now as I sit on the eve of my first opportunity to come face to face with these people and be a part of thier lives - the consequences of my decisions weigh heavily upon me. Granted I am not the only one to review or decide, nor is my decision/vote in any way the final say, but it is clearly part of the process and is one factor in determining the future of that person for the near term. Pray for me and for wisdom to see the truth.

BTW - steak and crab leg night is Wed night in Bucca. Shrimp was ok - just like at Victory.

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constant reader said...

I'm not sure if I mentioned this before or not. It might have been one of those instances where I typed my response only to have it LOST after clicking the "submit" button and getting an error message from the blog site. If I didn't say it, it was essentially what you said at the end of your blog today - the judgment that your board is handing down is substantial. I would think knowledge of the culture and their beliefs would be important in understanding their actions.

Anyway, all seriousness aside ... look for some Jackals and get some pics.