Friday, February 15, 2008

Love is in the air - no make that sand...

Today was a storm. I a kind of sand storm. We've been told this is not so bad - they will get much worse. We had seen something like this in Baghdad but it was our first here. The wind is much worse because there is nothing to break it up. It just blows across the open desert.

Today was training and orientation. Remember we don't do boards on FRI to honor religious preferences of the area. The new group of "field" guys are here for a couple of weeks and they got an overview of the Camp from the locals. Also had the (One Star) Army Commander show up to say a few words. I learned a few facts and figures about the base. Nothing really that I haven't mentioned before, know just more accurate. Big picture the place doubled as a result of the "surge".

We toured the compounds and other areas I have not seen before. I saw the "visitation" area where families can come see detainees. Also saw the Pita-bread factory. To feed fresh bread was taking up lots of time with transpo - so they opened a pita factory here and we (some local workers - not detainees) make them all fresh everyday. Each detainee gets 2 a day per meal - that's a lot of pitas. (we don't eact those in our D-fac - not sure why). I may have to take the tour every few weeks just to get fresh pita off the line. Not as good as Krispy Kreme's off the line but still hot and yummy.

I have a pic of the storm and another pic from the other day so you can see the difference. Also sporting the latest fashion. When not on some official duty we can wear Physical Training (or PT) gear. Have to carry our weapons all the time though so you can see my sporty shoulder holster. I prefer to wear the jacket not becuase it is cold as much as I like having pockets. The shorts don't have pockets. This is my buddy Dr Phil. Unlike the TV personality, he doesn't talk much nor is he a Dr but I like to call him that instead of the plain old Phil.

That's all for today. Back to boards on Saturday.

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