Friday, July 4, 2008


One of our guys AF job at his regular base is part of the Services unit. That's AF code for morale type stuff (you know O-club, social events, lodging, and things like that). He's been on us about bingo night for quite some time. That we should go, they have money to give away as prizes and not many people go - so we should clean up if we were actually to participate. So the gang all loaded up and went out last night for Bingo.

It turns out it was a bit of a party for some of the local leadership leaving so they had free pizza and subs. Wahoo. The big prize was $300. None of us won a game. We bought some near-beer and enjoyed our pizza though.

We all had a good time but I'm sure we would have enjoyed it more if we had won something. We said a toast to our brothers and sisters back at Camp B.
Today was anothe relaxing one. We have quite a few days of nothing. Our transpo out of Camp B worked out in our favor and only took a fraction of the time it did for the previous group so we have some days to kill here before our scheduled rotator. Once again it just proves the AF and Army have a very different way of scheduling things. Chuck completed some medical out processing thing we have to do. He was our guinea pig - we sent him over first to scope it out. It seemed harmless so we'll all go over soon. Just some standard questions I guess...we all joke about what we could say about our hearings with the detainees. It's probably best to keep quiet about all that - some of those people are like TSA - they never can take a joke.

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