Saturday, May 24, 2008

Home Crap Home

I’m back from R&R. It was just a few days, but it was fun. One of the best things was to just get away and be somewhere different for a while. There were a few extra amenities (a pool, some different kinds of restaurants, movie theater, a bigger gym, etc.). One of the best things was wearing civilian clothes. I didn’t think that would be much, but it did help to relax you and bring back some individuality that the military works hard to erase.

The travel completely stinks. There is just no way to sugar coat it. You hurry up and wait. Then wait some more. The one way trip took multiple days. The good news is I added another military aircraft to my list. The mighty Chinook (UH-47) was a new one for me. As with most military aircraft it seemed older than the hills and kept running by the hard work of the maintenance crews and a few taxpayer dollars in refurbishments. I passed through Buehring another time (the land of painted concrete barriers) – not much had changed there.

Since all I do is talk about food – you’ll find it interesting to note that I found the D-FAC at the R&R place to be one of the worst yet. The only really good thing was that they had fresh veggies and fruits and a good ice cream selection. Rocky-Road…YUM. Surprisingly the main food line there had less to offer than the standard fare here at Camp B.

Life back here appears to be the same old. It was nice to return to a familiar bed and pillow. It was nice to get back to the normal sounds in my pod as compared to a giant tent with a 100 other people in transit. Now it’s back to work to grind out the last few months.

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