Friday, May 30, 2008

Training Day

It must be time for me to leave. I feel like I know enough to be dangerous. I usually try to help with the training of the new board members on FRI and as I sat thru today’s session I felt like I had decent answers for most of the questions asked (especially answers to questions asked of other people). It must mean I know too much and should be shipped out – soon. I tried hard not to share my opinion too often unless other actually looked for my input. I wanted to speak up all the time, but I’ve slowly learned it’s not always good for me jump in the middle of other people’s briefings.

I need to mention some buddies. Joseph and JR are two of the translators that we work with and hang out with all the time. They really are great people. I’ve mentioned some of them before. The pic below is of our trip home from R&R. JR is the one in civilian clothes. He had also been on R&R and we hooked up on the return trip into Camp B. I don’t have a good pic of Joseph. I’ll have to get one. We had a small gathering of and cookout for the MNFRC guys who are leaving soon. As always it was a good time to hang out together and break some bread. I’ll have to admit this one was quite a bit hotter than the last couple we have had. Joseph and JR helped with putting it all together and as I thanked them they asked for some WWW press...and just as the good Lord says – ask and you shall receive.
The pic is also a mixed bag of guys from the courthouse board members and staff that help us run things day to day.

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