Friday, June 13, 2008

Let’s clean up this place so we can have some coffee

Now that we are in-between groups of permanent board members (old guys gone and new guys not here yet)…I decided it was a good time to clean up the office. I don’t think some were as excited about that prospect as I was. With many hands we made light work of it. One of the guys was more of a stuffer into places and he told me he just making things disappear. I said no – look in this drawer – it’s still here. Brandon went behind and cleaned up a few things he just stuffed into the drawers. At least if gave us a laugh. I used one of the old crews drawer organizers to try and organize all the food we have on our snack table (it kind of worked). We also cleaned the outside of the new SUV as best we could. It needs an industrial inside cleaning, but we don’t have access to vacuums or anything to do stuff like that. As part of the cleaning we unpacked the remainder of the Boca Java coffee we got for free. They have a special offer to military troops for free coffee (they are up to 5 million cups for the troops). We sent them some info and they mailed us mucho coffee. I think it was 25-50 pounds of coffee. We are set for a while. It’s really good stuff too. They get donations from people and then use that to ship out free cups of joe to the Troops. They included a picture of their break room and the walls of memorabilia from all the troops. They sent us a list of the personal messages from people who donated money for the coffee. It’s always neat to remember there are millions of people who do support the efforts of the soldiers. Sometimes it’s easy to forget that and just focus on the reports of all the bad and news that’s been “spun” to show one bad apple in the barrel of good. Anyway this is a long winded note of THANKS to BOCA JAVA …give’em a try sometime.

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