Saturday, June 14, 2008


I’m not in charge of that many people or resources…but there is something different about the job when you have a sense of ownership. Over the last few days I have felt different about what happens to us. People look to me to be the one in charge. There is no major change in the day to day process or anything like that, it’s just in how I feel about it really. For instance checking email: I feel a need to check the work email a few times a day to help keep info flowing. Before I could count on others to shoulder that responsibility so I didn’t sweat it. I still don’t worry about it much, but there is a difference in care factor when you own something.

Packed up box #2 to ship home. I think that will get most of the stuff that I don’t want to carry back. The rest I will just leave for those behind me or just throw away. Today is flag day as well as the Army Birthday (or at least they celebrated it at dinner with extra good food – carved meats, seafood and steak, and cake). I noticed Tim Russert passed today. I liked him. I didn’t always like his politics but I thought he was entertaining as a news guy. Speaking of news…it is interesting to watch the negotiations for the extension of UN resolutions and Security agreements between US and Iraq. I certainly have no say in it nor do I have any special insight, but I can see the long term effects of both positions up close and personal from my vantage point. Back to my original point…ownership changes the way you think. The leaders of the country can see that and want to take the next step.

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