Saturday, April 26, 2008

Happy Anniversary

Today is the 40th anniversary of my In-Laws Harlin and Kathy. Unfortunately I am not there to congratulate them in person, nor was K able to really get to them either. She could have traveled, but it’s just so tough for her to go that far on her own. My parents had their 40th celebration just a while back and now K parents are having theirs. Gives me some hope that K and I might make it there someday as well.

I was able to webcam with K and the kids today. I rushed back after my boards and had a few minutes with each of the kids. Even baby Lu almost said da-da. I miss them all.

As the Sun baked sand gets hotter and hotter here everyday, managing the heat becomes more of an issue. When the power goes off in places (as it regularly does) it means a lot more. Some guys didn’t have power in their PODs for most of the day 2 days ago. It did not impact me too much (my power was not out and I was working somewhere else most of the day), but I imagine it was brutal on those guys who work nightshift and try to sleep during the day. The little metal containers we live in just turn into ovens without A/C. From what I have heard they just couldn’t get any type of rest. The power went off today in our courtroom for an hour or so. Luckily it was the AM. It was warm for a while but we got back to normal soon. It’s just part of life now to be prepared for some very hot times each day – no matter what.

Another of the subjects mentioned during the slow news day was – local type people who work here. Are there women? Yes. Do any of them wear local garb? Not really – mostly western clothes. Do they live on the base? I don’t really know if any live off base. I am sure some come from off-base but many live here on the FOB with us. I have no idea what they are paid – just like anywhere it’s based on what they do, what kind of specific training is required, and the nature of the work (manual labor vs skilled). For example the translators are a skilled trade and are paid very well. The food workers and bathroom janitors are probably not paid nearly as much. I’m intentionally being vague – but you get the idea.

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