Monday, April 21, 2008


I tried and tried to think of something funny to write about. Zip – nada – nothing- jack-bone-squat – zero. I’m not saying I didn’t laugh at some point during the day. We always have the standard office jokes of the day. You know - things that are funny in the moment, but are difficult to explain outside of the context. But nothing worthy of TEA mention.

I’m still mending from the head cold. The allergy drugs are kicking in and I’m afraid I’ve traded one state of misery for another. Now I can’t taste much flavor in food (not that they have flavor here to begin with) but hopefully it wall all balance out soon and I’ll be back to some normal state. KBR maintenance came out and looked at our A/C unit in our POD today (while we were gone). Chuck and I are not sure they actually did anything…but I’ll give them some credit for having some sort of preventative maintenance program.

There is a talent show coming up. I was considering asking Chuck if he wanted to do the dueling banjos like K did in college. But I don’t think it will be dark enough on the stage to make it very funny. For those of you who don’t know what I’m talking about ask K. It’s a good story.

Speaking of laughs. Mom and Dad sent me a couple of comedy show DVDs. What a great idea. Thanks so much!! Maybe they will have some good jokes.

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