Sunday, April 6, 2008

The Water Bottle Fairy (& More)

So, being in the desert, one thing we do not have a lack of is bottled water. Where they get all this bottled water is beyond me but there is such an abundance of it people have found many uses for it.
You can make shelves with the full boxes, use the empty boxes for a trashcan, pile a bunch of full boxes outside to make a wall so the wind doesnt hit you, or they can be used simply as a sandbag of sorts.
I would guess that about 50% of the sunshades outside here in Bucca are held down by 550 cord and full water boxes. The other thing is the prime company we recieve bottled water from here in Bucca sort of has this strange slogan. I think its due to the translation thing between oz and liters but each bottle is "0.55 Litre & more". The company decided to make this "& more" part of their main slogan and they print it on everything they make. Regardless the Bottled Water Fairy leaves pallets upon pallets of these boxes everywhere on base. If we do happen to have a water shortage one day it will be sad to have to disassemble all the structures made from full water boxes here.

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I talked to this reportter - Jennifer Grogran today. Read her articles about Bucca. More on that later.

(Water story content provided by Brandon)

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