Monday, March 24, 2008

23 Flavors - YUM

OK so the Hogs didn't pull out the upset. I'm ok with that. I am frustrated that 2 SEC tems had to face #1's like that in the second round. Also, It's tough to beat NC in the state. I know the committee reads the blog so maybe next year they can put Arkansas in Little Rock instead of NC?

Here's a pic of me enjoying a recent gift from a family member. You all know my Dr Pepper issues. Well an Uncle sent me a bottle of DR Pepper BBQ sauce. The box lunches they bring out come in three flavors - main line (turkey, chicken, beef), salad, and Fat-Boy (Chicken Nuggets, fries, and some other fried food). So today I picked up a fat-boy happy meal and tried out the sauce. I didn't think it was that different than some random BBQ sauce, but one of the other guys was adamant that it tasted like DP.

The other picture also shows the Easter Bunny. He's been showing up in our office for a few days.

I had to sacrifice quite a bit of sleep to watch the game last night, I can't say that it was worth it. But I'm no worse for it. Who needs sleep. Tip off was 50 minutes after midnight. Met another Arkansan watching the game last night. It's fun to to play the - Arkansas - oh yeah - wherebouts? game. 'Yep I been there' usually follows.

Just so you know as I type this some local nationals are putting some concrete barriers outside the tent I am in with a small crane. The "guide" is directing the motions in the this funny voice like he is working with sheep...hete hete hete he is whistling as well. We are all praying the giant concrete barrier does not come through the side of the canvas tent qnd crush us all.

I made it to the Sunrise Service. It was good - not great - but good.

Thanks for the sauce

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