Wednesday, March 5, 2008

He hates those cans! Stay away from those cans!

As some of you know I’m a big fan of Dr Pepper. Well K told me that her last trip to the commissary had some disturbing news. The soda aisle did not have any DP (as some would call it). Now it wasn’t just that they were out…there was not a spot on the shelf for the brand. That flavor had been completely removed from the selection. Consequently, I’m investigating how to extend my tour at Bucca…because they have Dr Pepper…most of the time.

The group of 9 (that dropped to 8 when we left a guy in Baghdad) is starting to separate. It’s not that we don’t like each other (well maybe somebody doesn’t like me, I can be standoffish) it’s that now that we are in PODs we don’t have the unity that comes with living in the same small tent for days on end. I predicted this would happen. Just call me Nostra-Teddy.

The one thing that helps to combat this separation is the dinner meal. We all try to sit in the same area every night so we can catch up. All the MNFRC guys sit together kind of like a family (at least the permanent ones). It helps that we can all see each other for a few minutes and share the funny cases of the day. Don’t worry it’s a classified D-FAC so we can discuss all we want (just kidding). The courtroom setup we have keeps us separate most of the day and so we don’t see much of each other out there.

Whoever can tell me the name of the movie the title came from – just step right up and win some crap …anything from these two inches right here can be yours just for playing…


Ben said...

"The Jerk" starring Steve Martin

kiackbldr said...

Some say "The Standoff-ish One", others say "The Jerk".