Friday, March 7, 2008

Im-"Ported" Water

Obviously we are in the desert and water is an issue. They pump it in from who knows where. So there are all these water trucks driving around to get water to our bathrooms, showers, D-FACs and so on. It is a common sight to see them all around. The trucks are all marked properly so they don’t confuse the good water and the bad water. But there is this one truck that is extremely special. I know everyone makes mistakes and with paint sometimes it’s hard to correct them, but checkout this truck.
It reminds me of that TV commercial where the Football player walks over to the grounds-keeper who has just finished painting the end zone and says – “That looks great, but who are the Chefs?” he was supposed to spell Chiefs like the Kansas City Chiefs but he left out the “i”
When I went to take a picture of the truck the driver was just walking around the back end and kind of shook his head like yeah I know. Everybody points it out to me.

More books came in the mail for me. I’m set for a few weeks at least – maybe the whole deployment. A friend sent me a note and said they have Dr Pepper back at the Commissary back home so maybe I won’t have to extend my deployment. One of the guys playing risk last night had some extra stuff from a care package and he shared his Doritos. YUMMM. K can tell you I’m a sucker for nacho cheese Doritos. You know the ones that make your fingers orange? They have those in the small 100 calorie snack packs. That makes it even more convenient so you don’t have to carry around this large package. Hint Hint.

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Anonymous said...

Watch it or you'll get ten care packages of Doritos, and the portable water will just vanish, leaving you thirsty after all those Doritos!