Saturday, March 1, 2008

Stand Back I'm A Professional

Yeah - someone finally answered the question for the movie. They even knew who he was talking about - Frederika Bimmel - It was from Silence of the Lambs (a personal favorite of mine). No I can't send you sand. 1. You didn't ID yourself and 2. I'm not allowed to mail stuff like that out.

This evening I went on a scavenger hunt with one of our Senior NCOs. We went to the motor pool to do some "acquisition" - since I'm an acquisition professional I thought for sure I would be good at it. Unfortunately the guy we talked to for approval was not as willing to make a decision as the guy a few weeks ago...we'll have to check back tomorrow to complete the "acquisition" (of a bus seat as a couch for my CHU). Afterwards we all decided it was a bad idea to ask permission rather than beg forgiveness [when will I learn Gwyn?]. But we needed to ask for some we had to at least explain what we were up to.

As I was reading The Rick and Bubba Code - they mentioned something I quite agree with. All men should marry up. I know I did. My wife is clearly more beautiful and worthy of more than a funny looking balding guy like me. For her - I am thankful - thanks to R&B for reminding me of how lucky I am.

Weather is in transition. These days it is nice. Cool in morning and evening then approaching warm in afternoons. I know pretty soon it will be miserably hot.


Anonymous said...

Hey Ted!

We stuck in Kuwait awaiting transportation. Sounds like changes are afoot and I missed it all. Great blog.

Jeff Ghiglieri

Anonymous said...

Dearest AF Ted,
Ray here...if you haven't guessed, we still haven't arrived at the best kept secret in the deployed AF (of course, I'm talking about Camp Bucca). We missed the last flight Thurs, therefore we should be making our way back in the next 2 days. We have A LOT of info to pass on regarding the R&R. See you soon.