Thursday, March 6, 2008

What are we going to do tonight Brain?

It was a normal day out at the courthouse. Had my normal caseload and nothing really special. Had some DVs come through but they only stayed for about 5 minutes or less and then left. They didn't even ask me a question or anything - just watched and left.

After I was through I enlisted Brandon's help to make a nightstand table for me. He's much more experienced at that kind of stuff than I am. And he's a little better at good sqaure cuts and stuff. I had seen his work and compared it to my work for the shelves I made. So I asked him to help me with the nightstand.

Once again I refrained from taking a pic and having evidence of the officers actually doing any work. But here is a pic of Brandon holding up the finished product. I mostly just supervised while he did all the real work.

Here's another pic of what it looks like in my room. Note the books in the queue to read. I got another in the mail today. Tonight was our standard social event night for the MNFRC guys. Brandon had organized a Risk game (the Board game where you try to take over the world). He won the last time 4 of us played so we were all weary of him.

When the game started I had a good portion of North America. I worked to secure the Continent with many battles from the Doc over Alaska. It took us almost 3 hours to finish...but you can see in the pic below how things turned out. Brandon and I were the final two players. I had the momentum going and swept across the board in one mighty turn. In the end I massed my forces and crushed Brandon's stronghold in Australia.

It was fun and it killed a few hours. Our buddies made it back from R&R so the schedule is a little more relaxed for the next few days. Until they open more courtrooms we have more people than we do boards. Getting things moved or set-up here is like a bad movie - it'l take 2 weeks. Yeah right.

Congrats to Uncle Ben for the big win on The Jerk - movie trivia question. I hope you found that quote as funny as I did.

For those of you unfamiliar with the cartoon - Pinky and the Brain. That's where the title comes from - they try to take over the world every night.


kiackbldr said...

A bunch of folks sitting around a table with sidearms playing a board game could turn ugly. Hope all were good sports.

Anonymous said...

Your post reminded me - remember when we were going to try to take over a S. American third world country for our senior spring break? Not sure, but I might have preferred that to stuffing your wound! Nothing can surpass going rim to trim and back freezing in the tent. Hope I made ya chuckle. Cheers, Jeffy

Anonymous said...

Tell the B-man, we here, in Edgefield, SC, are behind him, 100%. We had dinner with his grandparents, from next door, at "The Club."

John & VA C.
PS, I'm ex-AF, and we're behind ALL "the troops" 100%.